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It took Memoryhouse two years to craft its debut album but only four minutes to wildly impress us inside of the Spy Wagon.

The Toronto-based duo took cover from the rainy weather with guitar in tow, and the result was a dreamy acoustic ballad from the band’s first full-length Sub Pop album, “The Slideshow Effect.” Singer Denise Nouvion and composer Evan Abeele base their songs on photographs.

Maybe that explains whey this VDub Session is picture perfect.

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When something’s simple, it’s usually because someone worked hard to make it that way.

That’s precisely why we think OK Sweetheart deserves attention.

Erin Austin isn’t living in Tulsa anymore, but she still plays in Oklahoma under the moniker OK Sweetheart during her active tour schedule and makes sweet ’60s-inspired pop songs sound as easy as Sunday morning.

If you are in Norman this week and have the means then we highly suggest you visit OK Sweetheart and Brine Webb performing at The Opolis.

It can be a lot of work getting to a show, but you should know OK Sweetheart will make it easy on you.

Check out some photos from the shoot after the jump…

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It has been difficult holding this episode back.

Seriously, our enthusiasm for this group is double that of the punky Ramones tune singer/songwriter Jesse Tabish covered in the introduction for this VDub Session.

Stillwater-based band Other Lives is easily on of the most exciting bands to develop out of Oklahoma in the past decade.

Before we got the chance to film with the quintet at Norman Music Festival, the band opened for The National at Cain’s Ballroom and was preparing for a trip to Austin. They had an opening slot for The Decemberists.

Other Lives is on tour and doing great things. You’ll see the band gracing NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert and appearing on Paste’s website.

We hope you enjoy this session as much as we did.

You can also watch this bad boy on Vimeo if you’d like.

This Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter sure cares a lot about Oklahoma.

Beau Jennings is a Tulsa native who holds on tightly to his roots.

We met him during the second day of Norman Music Festival 4.

His passion for music and our state can be heard in his song “The Verdigris” and will be seen in his upcoming film project “The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers.”

The film will trace the life of Rogers throughout the country.

Jennings’ mission is to keep Rogers’ life and impact alive.

If this interests you then check out the Kickstarter page and donate a few dollars to the film. There are only a few days left to do so. The film is a few thousand dollars short of its goal and time runs out on May 21.

Jennings has involved a lot of local talent in the making of the film.

The trailer reveals Chad and Jarod of Blackwatch Studios are working to make the film. The duo record a lot of great music in Norman. Also, Bradley Beesley is attached to the project. His documentary “The Fearless Freaks” expertly detailed the Flaming Lips’ rise to fame.

If anything, you should at least keep your eyes open for the release of this new film.

Rock on.

Here’s Beau Jennings’ video on Vimeo if that’s your thing.

Random is hearing Kyle Field of the LA folk project Little Wings tell a story about the dangerous combination of a moving car and a bear.

Finding a 12 string guitar with 11 strings is a little random too.

But most random is finding a blue VW van sitting behind Gray Owl Coffee just begging Field and Sherree Chamberlain to play a song.

Mind you, this episode wasn’t filmed inside our famous green van, but it was more than suitable for a surprise session.

After a last minute show decision, Field decided to visit Norman after a Dallas show fell through. Chamberlain approached him about singing on the song “Look at What the Light Did Now,” which Feist is known to cover.

When Chamberlain showed up to the coffee shop, she was gleaming at the opportunity to practice the song. After a last minute trip to Blackwatch Studios, she found a suitable guitar and we headed behind Gray Owl to perform this gentle track.

Please enjoy.

Here’s Little Wings’ song on Vimeo if that’s your thing.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this fact.

Oklahoma City-native singer/songwriter Audra Mae is related to Judy Garland.

Garland is Mae’s great aunt.

But even greater than that is Mae’s voice.

This song is from her upcoming album.

Here’s Mae’s song on Vimeo if that’s your thing.

Watch the interview that makes Charlie Sheen look like a sack of eyeless potatoes.

Here’s Peelander-Z’s interview on Vimeo if that’s your thing.

During the final day of Norman Music Festival 4, the Spy Wagon was parked on the corner of Main and Peters.

We invited locals musicians and headliners for interviews and performances.

Penny Hill, who performed her song Olympia inside the van last year, is up first.

Check back every day for new NMF4 videos.


Here’s Penny’s video on Vimeo if that’s your thing.

Get ready for a ton of VDub Sessions content from Norman Music Festival 4.

First we’d like to share a series of portraits taken inside of the Spy Van.

Musicians, festival organizers, journalists and photographers piled in as we tried to capture the people that make this festival great.

Click here to see several more photos.

Audra Mae

Kite Flying Robot

Jonathan Fowler

Kelly Kerr

This episode marks the second band not from Oklahoma, but we were glad to share the VDub love with Eisley.

The Texas-based rockers released its latest album, “The Valley,” in March.

We aren’t the only people who dig the band’s new songs.

SPIN had a stream of the new album and NPR made the title track Song of the Day.

But let’s let the above video do the talking.