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Friend of the show Tim Katz shot the Spy Van while running around the Plaza District during Live on the Plaza.


I found this bad boy sitting in Automobile Alley in downtown Oklahoma City.

These photos are part of an ongoing photo essay about VW vans in Oklahoma.

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On the corner of 37th and Western Avenue, there’s a rusty treasure of a VW van hanging out in the parking lot of Autobahn Foreign Car Repair shop,.

This van surely has some interesting stories, judging by the NORML and Plumb Krazy (an old head shop in Tahlequah) stickers on the back window.

If you see any vans like this hanging around Oklahoma, shoot a message to

He would love to shoot a few photos.

BTW, there’s plenty more photos after the jump.

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In case you didn’t know, the Spy Wagon is always hanging out at Live on the Plaza.

That’s right, Fowler VW of Nompton comes out in full force every second Friday in the Plaza District.

Last night, Spy FM head honcho Ferris O’Brien not only drove for a new VDub Session but also he participated in a dunk tank.

Three throws for a dollar ended up being a dangerous combination for Ferris.

Check out some more wet and wild photos of Ferris after the jump.

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OKC-based musician Denver Duncan helped set up the Mustache Bash and performed a set.

Here he is wiping sweat from his brow.

He was a little toasty and tired from the day’s activities, but he wasn’t against hanging out for a quick photo shoot.

He has a lot of interesting projects in the works such as a new album and an uber secret hip-hop album.

You might also see this kind gentleman in the van in the near future.

On the outskirts of downtown Oklahoma City, a humble gift shop named Shop Good put on a local one-night music festival.

The outcome was phenomenal with roughly 1,000 Okies in attendance.

Fowler VW of Nompton was a sponsor and that means the Spy Wagon was there too.

We couldn’t help but invite headliner and Tulsa singer/songwriter Ben Kilgore (pictured above) into the van for a quick session.

Check back tomorrow for his episode.

You might remember OKC-based artist Kris Kanaly from his VDub Session a couple months ago.

Well, we caught him hanging out at The Womb art gallery opening, and he was helping spread the chilly word about Fantasy Ice Cream.

The Tulsa-based ice cream truck will be stationed at concert events throughout the year.

Kanaly painted the vehicle you see here.

Kudos to him for continuing to find new avenues for his artwork.

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Photo Credit: Travis Tindell

Dallas-based rock act Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights visited The Conservatory for one of four concerts in Oklahoma this week.

We jumped at the opportunity to get the band in van for a brand new song, which was so fresh that the band needed a little rehearsal time (as pictured above).

Keep checking back for the new episode.

It’ll be a doozy.

On May 13, 2011, Fowler VW of Norman invited patrons of the monthly Live on the Plaza art walk to step inside the Spy Van for a photo.

See the rest of the set here.

Ryan Lawson

Casey Joseph of Stardeath and White Dwarfs

Leon Manson of MOON

Get ready for a ton of VDub Sessions content from Norman Music Festival 4.

First we’d like to share a series of portraits taken inside of the Spy Van.

Musicians, festival organizers, journalists and photographers piled in as we tried to capture the people that make this festival great.

Click here to see several more photos.

Audra Mae

Kite Flying Robot

Jonathan Fowler

Kelly Kerr