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You’re not going to find a hotter band in this country.

But that’s mostly because Dallas-based rockers Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights decided to play in OKC in the midst of the hottest summer in the our planet’s history.

However, JTNL is toasty warm in other ways too.

We mean career wise.

The band recently got off of a blistering tour with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and the Texans are working on a Fall tour.

The VDub crew was lucky enough to grab JTNL just long enough for the band to bust out a brand new unreleased tune. As soon as the song was done, everyone bolted out of the van.

It wasn’t because of Ferris’ driving, it was because the van become an inferno.

If you don’t believe how hot it was, watch closely because throughout the new episode and you’ll see beads of sweat dripping off of drummer Jordan Cain.

BTW, Jordan has a sweet knuckle tat.

He was hanging out in the top of the camper portion of the van.

We told you this band was hot.

Get used to it.

Here’s the Vimeo link if you are a big shot fancy pants video person.


After Ben Kilgore finished his set at the Mustache Bash on Wednesday night, a women in the crowd asked me who had just performed.

(I get this question a lot because of how my jeans fit and because I’m holding a camera at every concert ever.)

When I answered with the name Ben Kilgore, the new fan paused and said, “As soon as I heard his voice, I had to sit down and listen.”

I’m sure this had everything to do with the Tulsa-based singer’s commanding voice.

It’s unreal.

But I was most surprised by Kilgore’s thoughtfulness.

I approached him about performing a quick song in the Spy Wagon, and it seemed like his world stopped for a minute.

He got quiet, as if the songs he knew were battling for position in his head and heart.

I’m glad he picked Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine.”

Not only was it a highlight of his set, but also Kanye West/Jay-Z’s track “Otis” is fresh in my mind.

Oddly enough, you can hear one of Kanye’s earliest songs playing in the background near the end of this song.

No matter who’s covering Redding, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s the song on Vimeo, if you are all fancy like that.

This episode marks the second band not from Oklahoma, but we were glad to share the VDub love with Eisley.

The Texas-based rockers released its latest album, “The Valley,” in March.

We aren’t the only people who dig the band’s new songs.

SPIN had a stream of the new album and NPR made the title track Song of the Day.

But let’s let the above video do the talking.


Unfortunately, the Spy Van probably couldn’t survive a drive to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2011 but that didn’t stop Graham Colton from playing a brand new song on his way to the festival.

Consider it a quasi-VDub Session.

The Oklahoma City singer/songwriter discussed establishing an identity as a musician and stepping away from a record label to make his latest album “Pacific Coast Eyes.”

Check out several other videos of the SXSW showcase Cotlon and dozens of Okie bands performed at here.

Dustin Oswald took part in our third artist VDub Session.

He’s the artistic mind behind Bombs Away Art and this popular T-shirt design you’ve probably seen around OKC.

Come visit Live on the Plaza this Friday to see the Spy Van at work on another episode.

The VDub Sessions crew tried something new with this episode.

Instead of our usual hyper-local focus, we invited a non-local band to perform on the show.

We went big.

Silje Nes (pronounced Seal-lia) not only isn’t from Oklahoma but also she’s not from this country.

Regardless, the Norwegian singer/songwriter blew us away just a few hours before her headlining gig at The Conservatory.

Let us know what you think.