If you clicked on this page then this is probably what you want to know.

What is this show?

It’s a home for bands and artists who are daring enough to play songs inside of a 1977 VW Bus. The concept is pretty simple. Musicians, a driver and a guy with a video camera meet in Oklahoma City every month in hopes to spread local music and touring artists.

Who sponsors this show?

The good people at Fowler VW of Norman and The Spy FM own the bus and help make the magic happen.

How do I get on the show?

It’s very simple, so just e-mail vdubsessions@gmail.com to schedule a filming time and location.


Who can be on the show?

We are looking for bands with Oklahoma connections or bands traveling through the state.

What should I sing?

We specialize in original songs. One song is the minimum price of admission.

Where do the songs go?

The video goes straight to YouTube. The audio will go into rotation at The Spy FM.

How many people can fit in the van?

The most people we’ve fit is 13. It can be a tight fit. There’s room for three in the back seat. Room for two in the trunk. The top of the Bus pops up and can fit three more people. Any more and it gets tricky.


Does the van have electrical outlets or working cigarette adapters?

Sadly no, but we have a sink.

What does the van look like?

Check out this photo essay about the VDub Sessions on Flickr.

Does the van float?

I don’t know. Let’s find out.

Who’s actually in charge of this thing?

Ferris O’Brien drives the van while Nathan Poppe shoots the cinema. What a team.