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Photo: John Calvin

Swing back Wednesday to see a brand new episode with part-time swimsuit model and full-time Okie singer/songwriter John Calvin.


Keep your eyes peeled for this session with OKC’s own Horse Thief.

This episode might just punch in your corn chewers.

Prepare yourself for Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights.

Coming soon to a laptop near you.

OKC-based musician Denver Duncan helped set up the Mustache Bash and performed a set.

Here he is wiping sweat from his brow.

He was a little toasty and tired from the day’s activities, but he wasn’t against hanging out for a quick photo shoot.

He has a lot of interesting projects in the works such as a new album and an uber secret hip-hop album.

You might also see this kind gentleman in the van in the near future.

Last night at Live on the Plaza, the Spy Van finally became edible.