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If your ears haven’t found Cusp yet then start dewaxing them and give this a look/listen.

Taylor Rapp and company belted out a soulful rendition of “Shivers.”

Although the OKC-based folksters performed a solemn track, their glowing and warm demeanor were more than enough to keep winter’s bite at bay.

You can find “Shivers” on the 2012 album “Nothing Proper.”


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The VDub Sessions crew tried something new with this episode.

Instead of our usual hyper-local focus, we invited a non-local band to perform on the show.

We went big.

Silje Nes (pronounced Seal-lia) not only isn’t from Oklahoma but also she’s not from this country.

Regardless, the Norwegian singer/songwriter blew us away just a few hours before her headlining gig at The Conservatory.

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