Dreamers might have knocked out one of our catchiest sessions yet.

The country talent in Oklahoma is undeniable. Meet Levi Parham.

Only one episode this month but it still packs a big punch.

The van took a classical turn with a performance from Julie Albers.

We couldn’t get Eliza Rickman’s songs out of our heads if we tried.

Bandelier blew us away with a big band and an even bigger sound.

One of Norman’s busiest touring bands took a break and performed a track from its excellent first album.


Don’t think we’re not burning rubber and shooting sessions in 2015. You better believe we’ll be driving around downtown Oklahoma City like there’s no tomorrow.

If you want to shoot a session with us don’t hesitate to drop us a line at vdubsessions at gmail dot com.

We’ll be warming up the van for ya.

A lot can change in a year.

Just ask Jabee. We are sure you’ll hear him gush about his daughter, Sailor Rose, and about his stellar new album, Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt. (If you peak at the album’s cover, you’ll see he combined his smiling child with ten new standout tracks). He might even mention working with Murs or touring the country with El-P and Killer Mike.

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Although the Spy Van’s roots are firmly planted in Oklahoma City and Norman, the green machine can’t resist that Tulsa Sound.

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