BUHU strolled into town and thought they were doing a live session inside of The Spy.

In a rush of creativity, the Austin-based band created an impromptu acoustic version of a brand new song. We loved the energy and the band’s super fun personality.

Don’t miss them the next time BUHU is in town.


This might be one of our favorite sessions yet.

Okie John Moreland recently named Aaron Lee Tasjan as one of his favorite working songwriters and Bonnie Whitmore joined to sweeten the deal.

We loved how it turned out and enjoyed this rendition of “Lucinda’s Room” from Tasjan’s excellent 2015 album “In the Blazes.”


It’s the end of the year and we’ve got one last episode to help you celebrate the holidays. Check out this session from OKC’s hip-hop hybrid Bowlsey.

There are some sessions that go so smoothly that they’re done less than five minutes after pulling out from the Spy headquarters. We stop and wonder, did something go wrong? Then we realize just how talented Okie artists are. These two sessions feature some great Tulsa talent.

Every Sunday night at The Colony, Paul Benjaman leads the city’s best party. Here’s just a taste of the fun.

I think it’s safe to call Fiawna Forte the new queen of rockabilly after hearing this spicy number.