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We are super excited for NMF6 and are expecting an even bigger, baddasser festival. In order to relieve some of the stress when it comes to creating a schedule, we made a few suggestions for the three days of fun.

Thursday // Tallows @ Brewhouse (midnight)

These Okie music scene newcomers put on a loud, uplifting and exceptionally energetic live set. This set marks the band’s one year anniversary. We’ll bring the white cake and plastic silverware.

Friday // TJ Mayes @ Guestroom Stage (7:30 p.m.)

Rockabilly revivalist TJ Mayes wowed is the Spy Van earlier this year. We can only imagine what he’ll do with a microphone, his brilliant backing band and a couple amplifiers. Should be a fun, powerful set.

Saturday // JD McPherson @ The Sailor Jerry Stage (8:15 p.m.)

JD is easily one of the biggest breakout Oklahoma musician in recent years. Do not miss a free opportunity to see him and his finely tuned band put on a show that’s straight up rock and roll.

Saturday // Broncho @ Blackwatch Stage (11 p.m.)

It’s widely known Broncho shows tend to get rowdy. Two years ago the punk quartet single-handedly exploded NMF with raw, raucous punk energy. Let’s just hope no one throws a TV off of a building this time. Or maybe we don’t.


Tallows has issues.

It’s nothing the quartet can’t handle though. For their VDub Session, the band wanted to use a drum machine. It was much too quiet for the rattle of the van. Solution? Drummer Jay Sullivan duct taped his leg with bells. Richard Lindsey wanted to play xylophone. Sadly, mallets are expensive. Diagnosis? Spoons work just as well.

It’s with sincerity that we present this recently developed Okie band. Tallows’ inginuity, sense of humor and humility are going to go a long way.

We always have our ears open to new bands, and it’s always a treat when they exceed our expectations.

Keep your eyes on this group.

It’s an issue your ears will appreciate.

Check out some stills after the jump…

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