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It’s a long walk from Oklahoma City to New York, but we’re glad Luke Dick made the trek during the holidays. We’re big fans of his latest album “ABRAƇO” and it was a treat to hear him play “Connected” with his friends David Leach and Nooch in the Spy Van.

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Only a couple hours away from Oklahoma City is Denton, Texas. It’s the homebase for Midlake and it’s only a tank of gas away. However, it still feels surreal to have the band pile into the Spy Van. The sextet is known worldwide and its new album “Antiphon” would fit nicely in any year-end music list.

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We must unknowingly be attracting talented Seattle bands to Oklahoma City.

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Rose Windows traveled quite a long ways to wind up in Oklahoma City.

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Kyle Reid sure knows how to throw a party.

We know he’d bring along friends for his session but we didn’t expect a horn section. Kyle was joined by Steve Boaz on washboard, Johnny Carlton on bass, John Calvin on guitar, David Leach on trombone and Marcus Spitz is on trumpet. No one here is complaining because the results were spectacular. The Low Swingin’ Chariots only sweetened the session.

I think the only instrument we haven’t had in the band now is a harp. Any takers?

Kyle Reid

Brooklyn rockers The So So Glos made a pit stop during their latest tour and hit us with a blast from the past. Five members strong (Adam Reich of Titus Andronicus joined the frenzy), the band covered The Kinks classic “All Day and All of the Night.” And because the guys are a bunch of sweethearts, they threw in a tiny cover of “Oklahoma U.S.A.” as well.

The So So Glos have been a band since childhood and it shows in their camaraderie and attitude. You have to check out this documentary to really get a feel for the band.

Be sure to pick up the band’s latest album “Blowout.” It’s a doozy.


It can’t be easy making things look this easy.

Tulsa duo Desi and Cody hopped into the Spy Van and flexed their effortless charm. It’s almost as if these songs just fall from the sky and into the pair’s hands. We couldn’t be happier with this breezy, warm performance of “Roll With It.”

Make sure to check out Desi and Cody’s Kickstarter. There’s very little time left and the above video should be all the motivation you’d ever need to donate.