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Flaming Lips roadie and OKC artist Zac Cox hopped into the van for the last session of 2011.

We enjoy Zac’s construction paper concoctions and his chocolate milk mustache.

Make sure to come out to Live on the Plaza on Friday to catch more local art, and you’ll probably see the van filming another session.

Here’s the Vimeo version if you’re fancy.


You might remember OKC-based artist Kris Kanaly from his VDub Session a couple months ago.

Well, we caught him hanging out at The Womb art gallery opening, and he was helping spread the chilly word about Fantasy Ice Cream.

The Tulsa-based ice cream truck will be stationed at concert events throughout the year.

Kanaly painted the vehicle you see here.

Kudos to him for continuing to find new avenues for his artwork.

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