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We’ve been holding on to this episode in the VDub archives for far too long.

Say hello to the bluesy tune Feathered Rabbit performed for us way before they released their excellent self-titled EP.

Oh, and don’t forget to thank Full Circle Bookstore for letting us hang out for a quick rehearsal.

Feathered Rabbit
Check out some more stills after the jump…

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Here’s the Vimeo link if you are all fancy.

The only thing Horse Thief is interested in stealing is your ears.

They might be after your heart too.

The Oklahoma City-based band’s song “Warrior” captures the quartet’s sentiments quite nicely.

The song goes, “Time isn’t real it’s an illusion that you feel in Oklahoma/And beauty can arise in the beauty of your mind in Oklahoma.”

With the surge of excellent music and art in the past couple years, the VDub crew listens to this song and hears a rally cry.

Nothing is impossible.

Every day our state can become a state of mind. We can make beautiful things inside of Oklahoma. There’s no one to stop us.

Also, make sure to check out Horse Thief on Dec. 10 at the ACM@UCO Performance Lab, 329 E. Sheridan in Bricktown. Deerpeople, The Non and Feathered Rabbit are opening and helping celebrate Horse Thief’s first album release.

Don’t forget to check back early next week for part two of Horse Thief’s VDub Session.

Here’s Horse Thief’s session on Vimeo if that’s more of your thing.

Also, check out some stills after the jump.

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