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In the midst of an aggressive tour schedule, Mississippi duo Water Liars made a stop at The Spy studio. They shared a soulful, fragile tune called “Linens.” It’s off of their latest album “Wyoming,” which was released by Big Legal Mess and Fat Possum Records. It’s the dudes’ second album in less than a year, and we hope to see them again in Oklahoma just as quickly.

Water Liars


It was obvious Ripple Green wanted to go big with their VDub Session. Literally. The trio tried to fit a rain stick into the van but there wasn’t enough room. Who would of thought that we could fit a cello but not a rain stick?

Nonetheless, the Oklahoma City rockers performed a melodic and smooth rendition of “The Mother.” We couldn’t help but hear/enjoy hints of Red Hot Chili Peppers in Joel Parks’ vocals, and obviously we can’t wait to hear what else the three has up their sleeves.

Don’t forget to catch Ripple Green headline a show on the rooftop of The Velvet Monkey Salon at Live on the Plaza this Friday. Tallows, Wuwus and Jabee will be playing too. Don’t miss it.

Ripple Green

Shivering Timbers made it a family affair as the husband + wife duo brought their daughter along for the ride of a lifetime. Along with their drummer, the Ohio-based band played a soulful, folky tune named “Evening Prayer.” It’s off of their debut album “We All Started In The Same Place,” which was produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. Expect more great things from the uplifting, joyous sounds of Shivering Timbers. Your ears won’t be sorry they did.

Shivering Timbers

Seattle’s weirdest punk trio made its way through Oklahoma City shortly before a tour with the reunited Zombies tour. One half Black Lips and the other Black Angels, Night Beats made themselves at home in the Spy Van. The band’s psychedelic noise machine is by far one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. With the touch of a button it spouted out some funky tones and Night Beats was good to go.

If you’re in Texas this weekend then make sure to catch them at Austin Psych Fest.

Night Beats

Oklahoma Cloud Factory is difficult band to pin down.

Before the fivesome hopped into the van, their sunny disposition was contagious and welcomed. However, their track “Harvest Season” forecasted a darker mood hinted with loneliness and mistrust. It plays out like a folk tinged break up song.

But like all Oklahoma weather, the song doesn’t stay the same for too long and twists in a new direction.  We really enjoyed OCF’s original song and its take on Sugar Ray is legendary. LEGENDARY we say.

We can’t wait to hear more from them.

Oklahoma Cloud Factory

Last month’s Live on the Plaza introduced us to tattoo/fine artist Josh Reynolds.

The avid Adult Swim fan and devoted father spoke to us about how painting informed his growth as a popular tattoo artist in Oklahoma City. Don’t forget to make it out to Live on the Plaza this Friday. It should be a barrel and a half of good times.

A special thanks to Ryan Parker for lending us his excellent track, “Feel.”

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 10.08.05 AM

Here’s a brand new track from Norman singer/songwriter John Calvin. He didn’t fly solo though. We were lucky enough to welcome Camille Harp and VDub alumni Jordan Herrera.

Don’t forget you can catch John playing an acoustic set at Norman Music Festival 6. It’s inside Opolis at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. See you there.

John Calvin John Calvin and Camille Harp

Oklahoma City-based artist, graphic designer and everyone’s favorite Mule bartender Jason Pawley hopped in the van at last week’s Live on the Plaza to discuss his art and striving to be a full-time artist.

Make sure to come out this Friday for another great Live on the Plaza.

Jason Pawley

You know that saying, “They don’t make ’em like they use to.”

Well, it’s time you meet John Paul Keith.

One part Buddy Holly and the rest parts catchy as hell.

That’s the best way to describe the rockabilly songs coming from Memphis-based artist.

The good people of Okie Dope records invited Keith to perform at VZD’s, and he was kind enough to share a song from his latest album.

Enjoy this blast from the past because they do make ’em like they used to.

Check out some stills after the jump.

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You’re not going to find a hotter band in this country.

But that’s mostly because Dallas-based rockers Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights decided to play in OKC in the midst of the hottest summer in the our planet’s history.

However, JTNL is toasty warm in other ways too.

We mean career wise.

The band recently got off of a blistering tour with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and the Texans are working on a Fall tour.

The VDub crew was lucky enough to grab JTNL just long enough for the band to bust out a brand new unreleased tune. As soon as the song was done, everyone bolted out of the van.

It wasn’t because of Ferris’ driving, it was because the van become an inferno.

If you don’t believe how hot it was, watch closely because throughout the new episode and you’ll see beads of sweat dripping off of drummer Jordan Cain.

BTW, Jordan has a sweet knuckle tat.

He was hanging out in the top of the camper portion of the van.

We told you this band was hot.

Get used to it.

Here’s the Vimeo link if you are a big shot fancy pants video person.