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Check the newsstands at your favorite Oklahoma City eateries for a copy of the latest Look@OKC. George Lang and Jonathan Sutton wrote some nice words about the first 100 episodes of the show. Read the articles here.

VDub Sessions producer and driver Jonathan Fowler had a Q&A in The Oklahoman this morning.

Not only did it run as a full page in the business section but also it had a generous portion dedicated to the show.

Check out what Fowler said about VDub Sessions in his interview after the jump.

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Wowzers, our brave producer totally made it into Automotive News Magazine.

The VDub Sessions were among one of the several Fowleresque things mentioned.

That same Vanagon also is home to the VDub Sessions, a video concert series. The recordings, more than 40 so far featuring local artists and touring national acts, are posted on Fowler VW’s YouTube channel.

We are pleased as punch to be mentioned and congratulate Jonathan on the rad article.

Thanks to the good people at Tree & Leaf Clothing, the Spy Van is featured on a nifty article of clothing.

Visit their store to pick one up now.

Tell them you watch VDub Sessions for special buy one get a high five discount.

Oklahoma Gazette writer Stephen Carradini mentioned VDub Sessions in his Oklahoma City year-end music list.

Check out the rest of the article here.

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