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We are super excited for NMF6 and are expecting an even bigger, baddasser festival. In order to relieve some of the stress when it comes to creating a schedule, we made a few suggestions for the three days of fun.

Thursday // Tallows @ Brewhouse (midnight)

These Okie music scene newcomers put on a loud, uplifting and exceptionally energetic live set. This set marks the band’s one year anniversary. We’ll bring the white cake and plastic silverware.

Friday // TJ Mayes @ Guestroom Stage (7:30 p.m.)

Rockabilly revivalist TJ Mayes wowed is the Spy Van earlier this year. We can only imagine what he’ll do with a microphone, his brilliant backing band and a couple amplifiers. Should be a fun, powerful set.

Saturday // JD McPherson @ The Sailor Jerry Stage (8:15 p.m.)

JD is easily one of the biggest breakout Oklahoma musician in recent years. Do not miss a free opportunity to see him and his finely tuned band put on a show that’s straight up rock and roll.

Saturday // Broncho @ Blackwatch Stage (11 p.m.)

It’s widely known Broncho shows tend to get rowdy. Two years ago the punk quartet single-handedly exploded NMF with raw, raucous punk energy. Let’s just hope no one throws a TV off of a building this time. Or maybe we don’t.


We suggest finding a box of tissues before watching the above video.

A couple months ago, we set out to make a mother feel special to celebrate Mother’s Day.

We recruited the Über talented Denver Duncan and set to work building the mother of all Mom’s Day contests.

We asked VDub enthusiasts to send in what makes their madres special, and that’s how we found the maternal wonder known as Norene.

With the help of Norene’s kids, our crew set up in Lower Bricktown and completely surprised Norene with a song about her mother ways.

All the lyrics of the song directly relate to stories, memories and moments the family has shared together.

Denver’s soulful captured that and we can’t wait to see what happens when Father’s Day comes around.

Just kidding, but not really.

Check out some stills after the jump…

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In 2011, the Spy Van welcomed songs from national and local artists alike. We will always have a soft spot for locals and will jump at the chance to celebrate Okie artists.

We compiled the Top Five Most Watched sessions from 2011 and are happy to share them with you. Altogher, these five videos gathered about 7,000 views.

Not bad for van with more miles than Santa’s sleigh.
Please enjoy.

5. The Wurly Birds playing “All Right Now”

4. O Fidelis playing “O Jolly Town”

3. Sherree Chamberlain and Little Wings playing “Look at What the Light Did Now”

2. Ben Kilgore playing “These Arms of Mine”

1. Other Lives playing “Dust Bowl III”

Friend of the show Tim Katz shot the Spy Van while running around the Plaza District during Live on the Plaza.

I found this bad boy sitting in Automobile Alley in downtown Oklahoma City.

These photos are part of an ongoing photo essay about VW vans in Oklahoma.

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One of our most popular episodes of VDub Sessions is with Stillwater’s Other Lives.

Now the quintet has gone and made themselves all amazing on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert music show.

Make sure to watch to the third song, “Dust Bowl III.”

Now, see it inside a rad VW van.

On the corner of 37th and Western Avenue, there’s a rusty treasure of a VW van hanging out in the parking lot of Autobahn Foreign Car Repair shop,.

This van surely has some interesting stories, judging by the NORML and Plumb Krazy (an old head shop in Tahlequah) stickers on the back window.

If you see any vans like this hanging around Oklahoma, shoot a message to

He would love to shoot a few photos.

BTW, there’s plenty more photos after the jump.

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If you’ve ever watched one of our many VDub Sessions, then you know this film trailer is an exact reflection of what our drivers go through to ready themselves to get behind the wheel of the Vanagon.


Congratulations to The Society for opening up it’s doors in the Plaza District last night.

The gallery/working space/concert venue/bar had a lot of things going for its first celebration.

One of our favorite moments of the opening was seeing Dusty Gilpin and Dylan Bradway dueling on a single canvas (it’s in the pic above, duh).

We’re looking forward to big things from The Society.

You can see some rad BMX photos after the jump.

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In case you didn’t know, the Spy Wagon is always hanging out at Live on the Plaza.

That’s right, Fowler VW of Nompton comes out in full force every second Friday in the Plaza District.

Last night, Spy FM head honcho Ferris O’Brien not only drove for a new VDub Session but also he participated in a dunk tank.

Three throws for a dollar ended up being a dangerous combination for Ferris.

Check out some more wet and wild photos of Ferris after the jump.

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