We are super excited for NMF6 and are expecting an even bigger, baddasser festival. In order to relieve some of the stress when it comes to creating a schedule, we made a few suggestions for the three days of fun.

Thursday // Tallows @ Brewhouse (midnight)

These Okie music scene newcomers put on a loud, uplifting and exceptionally energetic live set. This set marks the band’s one year anniversary. We’ll bring the white cake and plastic silverware.

Friday // TJ Mayes @ Guestroom Stage (7:30 p.m.)

Rockabilly revivalist TJ Mayes wowed is the Spy Van earlier this year. We can only imagine what he’ll do with a microphone, his brilliant backing band and a couple amplifiers. Should be a fun, powerful set.

Saturday // JD McPherson @ The Sailor Jerry Stage (8:15 p.m.)

JD is easily one of the biggest breakout Oklahoma musician in recent years. Do not miss a free opportunity to see him and his finely tuned band put on a show that’s straight up rock and roll.

Saturday // Broncho @ Blackwatch Stage (11 p.m.)

It’s widely known Broncho shows tend to get rowdy. Two years ago the punk quartet single-handedly exploded NMF with raw, raucous punk energy. Let’s just hope no one throws a TV off of a building this time. Or maybe we don’t.